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Shinju Basketball Carnival - Broome 2021 JUNIORS

We took 7 junior teams to Broome to compete in the Shinju Basketball Carnival. It was a tough competition in each division with so many strong teams from many Kimberley and other communities. Each team had players that are apart of all our clubs and it was great seeing how we all supported each other.

We also had a bunch of award winners!

13s girls overall MVP -NATALIA WOODS 13s girls runner up MVP- MIA FLETCHER 13s girls Grand final MVP - MIA FLETCHER

18s Girls Grand final MVP- MARIAH BLURTON 18s Girls overall MVP - MAREEKA GARLETT 18s Girls runner up MVP- JAYDA BOBONGIE

18s Boys Grand final MVP - TYSON KELLY 18s Boys Runner up MVP - FABIAN BENNELL


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