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Aboriginal young people are our future.

Listening to their voices and empowering them to create positive futures for themselves and others is vital.


  • Train Aboriginal basketball players to become sports leaders: coaches, referees, administrators and competition managers

  • Encourage Aboriginal youth to embrace the opportunity to become cultural educators and leaders

  • Support Aboriginal youth to become peer mentors, positive role models and teachers to the next generation

  • Offer real roles and responsibilities to learn by doing

  • Support, mentoring and resources from the Board, Exec Team and partners

By being positive role models to not only Aboriginal but non-Aboriginal youth, our young leaders promote reconciliation and respect for Aboriginal people amongst the community on and off the sporting field. We want to empower some of these young Aboriginal leaders to become the future leaders of Binar. With this in mind, we involve and collaborate with our young leaders to shape Binar’s future.

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