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Culture is at the heart of everything that we do.

Binar values Aboriginal people’s connection to family, community and country. Connection brings a sense of belonging that we extend to everybody regardless of their background.

Bringing people into contact with their own culture reinforces identity, builds pride and confidence for our Aboriginal youth. Teaching others and facilitating cultural exchange creates opportunities for learning, understanding and reconciliation.

Our Aboriginal cultural group leaders and performers are passionate about their role in engaging and educating.

Josh Kelly (pictured) is a Yamatji Wongi Noongar maam (man) who teaches culture through a mixture of art, language and performance. Josh shares the knowledge that has been passed down to him from Elders with a modern take. He hopes by doing so to create opportunities to keep our rich Aboriginal cultural history and traditions alive.

Tamara Hayden (pictured with daughters Tiffany and Imogen) is a Ballardong Noongar yorga (woman) and talented artist who leads our Binar girls dance group and helps create choreography for both traditional and contemporary dances. Tamara has been immersed in Noongar culture her whole life, learning from Birdiya (Elders) and Moort (family). Family is the heart of Noongar culture. She hopes to help more young people embrace their rich cultural roots through art, dance and yarning.

Our young performers get the opportunity to showcase what they've learned by being included in the dance group. Use the enquiry form if you have a young person that wants to get involved or if your organisation wants to book our cultural team.

We Offer

School Cultural Workshops

Cultural & Basketball Clinics

Cultural Awareness Sessions



  • Please send an email with your booking enquiry to

  • It's helpful to include as much detail as possible including date and timing of the planned event, organisation and contact details, type of event or session and the budget that you are working to.

  • Please be aware that we are not able to offer free bookings. It is important for us to pay our performers in exchange for their cultural teaching.

  • Prices quoted are exclusive of GST.

  • Binar can provide certificates of currency for insurance coverage upon request.

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