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A Historic Day

May 18, 2024 will go down in the history books for Binar Futures!

We are incredibly proud to stand as the first Aboriginal-Led metro association to successfully run a domestic basketball competition in WA.

55 registered teams • 350+ registered players

Thank you to our Binar community and family for your continued support and for helping us get to this point in our journey.

After a decade-long journey with numerous setbacks, Binar has grown from a grassroots club to a thriving association serving the Midland and surrounding communities. Binar is dedicated to inclusiveness for all people of all backgrounds, with a motto of

"no child is left behind".

We acknowledge and thank every individual who has contributed to Binar's journey, both on and off the court, helping us reach this milestone. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for our community partner in Midland Brick for supporting our competition. and we look forward to many more years of growing the game of basketball in our region.


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