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Our Young Leaders are Too Deadly

I can't speak highly enough of our young leaders. You have to see them in action to understand.

And this is just a few of them...

When they were starting their basketball journey there was no opportunity for local kids to play basketball in our area and we had to travel for them to play. The work they are putting in means that kids in this community from all different schools and all different backgrounds can play locally. This is just the start and it will continue to grow!

Our Swan Junior Basketball League has kicked off over the last few days after a lot of planning and preparation leading up to it. Such an amazing team we have. They cover everything from the online registration and assisting parents with this, umpiring, coaching, scoring, mentoring and set up/ pack up. Starting a competition from scratch is not an easy thing to do but the work everyone put in leading up to this has helped kick it off successfully.

Young Indigenous role models making things happen that the whole community can benefit from. TOO DEADLY


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