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More teams, New competition

Our young leaders and parent volunteers making a huge difference!

Tonight we played our very first games at ARMADALE with some brand new Binar teams. At the same time we had Binar teams playing at ROCKINGHAM and COCKBURN. This is all before we start next week with our 16 WARWICK Binar teams. In total there will be over 50 Binar basketball teams, 14 Binar netball teams , homework classes and our cultural performance groups all on a weekly basis. This is over 500 young people engaged each week!

This is not at all possible without you all giving back and many of these kids would miss out. It was so exciting to see many of these kids start their basketball journey and the raw talent that was on display was unbelievable.

The parent group was amazing, helping score , coach or just cheering on and encouraging them. Just such a positive environment.


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