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Binar In Bidyadanga Community

What an amazing day today. Words won't do it justice, but I'll try.

On the road at 8:30am we went to do a cultural tour in a very special location about an hour from Bidyadanga community.

The tour was so special and our group got so much from it. Francis Shoveller Telisha Shoveller Mervyn Mulardy and family taught us so much and looked after us with some beautiful traditional food.

We finished with a swim in the ocean before hitting the bush tracks to go to the Bidyadanga community to run a basketball session with their kids. This was definitely one of them moments that "fill our cup " . The energy and excitement that the kids gave us was unbelievable.

Even though we were tired, sore and over 2 hours away from our accommodation we left there with so much gratitude.

After a pitstop at a servo for dinner on the way home we got back to our place had showers a quick meeting and finally in bed ready for a huge day tomorrow for the men's and women's games.


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