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Binar Heads to Kalgoorlie

Troy Kelly and our other Aboriginal coaches designed a schedule for the KALGOORLIE CLINIC that would involve all age groups from 5 to 17 years old. The U12’s did some of the warm up and drills with the whole group so they felt included. Then they split off into their own group for the opportunity to play games and learn skills with others of their own age and ability.

Because the U12’s showed so much interest and enthusiasm at the clinic, we took a spontaneous decision to use an extra court to run a special competition for them so they could participate in their very first TOURNAMENT.

Every one of the U12 players received a basketball jersey to keep, thanks to our partnership with NBA superstar Patty Mills’ organisation. Many of the kids couldn’t believe jersey was theirs to keep and had to keep checking! There were many 2- 5 year olds that were even too young to play in those games, but we made sure they also received a jersey. (Do look out for those IBA jerseys if you’re in Kalgoorlie).

We also handed out basketballs to some of the young kids who, without being asked, helped clean up the stadium afterwards.

We are also grateful to Paul Goldie who was there as our pro bono photographer and videographer. He was like the ‘pied piper’ with young kids following him around, curious about his equipment and what he was doing. He graciously involved them in what he was doing, including interviewing Adam Desmond, Binar’s Founder. Adam said, “The highlight of the event for me was getting interviewed by a very young group of girls who wanted to find out more about why we do what we do and express their love of basketball”.


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