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Binar Broome Invitational Tournament SENIORS

Big day today! Binar Broome Invitational tournament for men's and women's teams. This was a great effort by our crew as well as some great support from the local community.

Last week we were in Kalgoorlie on a camp, running clinics and a tournament when we got the news that Shinju in Broome was postponed for the seniors and would only go ahead for the juniors. We already had flights booked so we decided to make the most of the situation and try and get some exhibition games for our teams. That very quickly gained interest to make it a 1 day tournament that had 8 men's teams and 6 women's. It was a great vibe all day, a lot of amazing talent and very close games. Each men's team played a minimum of 7 games, each women's team a minimum of 5. Both our mens and women's teams battled through to the grand final with some very tough games and both won their grand finals by a single point to very quality opponents. Pearlers in the women's and Derby Wanderers in the men's. Thanks to all the teams that came along for the day. Thanks to everyone that helped umpire, score etc and thank you to Ezekiel McKenzie for your support as well as Brent Simons Trevor Menmuir and 2 local organisations Garnduwa and Men's Outreach Service Kimberley . We finished off with a BBQ dinner at Town beach to end a full on day.


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