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West is Best - WA Girls' & Boys Represent their State with Pride at the 2023 NIBT Tournament

Exciting News from the U14 NIBT Tournament!

We are incredibly proud to announce that our WA Girls' team brought home Gold in an exceptional performance at the U14 NIBT Tournament! Their dedication, teamwork, and skills led them to victory, and we couldn't be happier for them!

The girls demonstrated their talent on the court, showcasing their hard work and passion for the game. Their pressure, sportsmanship, and relentless effort were truly inspiring. Congratulations, girls, on this well-deserved achievement! You have made our entire community proud!

Let’s not forget the extraordinary accomplishments of our WA Boys' team as well, who took home silver. Undefeated throughout the tournament, however; just falling short to a well-drilled Victorian squad in the Grand Final. Boys, you represented our community with pride!

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the coaches, support staff, supporters, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this tournament a success. Your dedication and enthusiasm have made a significant impact on these young athletes' lives, shaping them into the remarkable individuals they are today.


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